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Forum rules

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you are set to accept mail from before registering. You will receive a verification email from this site with your password.

The goal is to have an entertaining and informative site. While I will never attempt to control your posting style, the overriding rule of the entire site is that all posts must be relevant to the discussion at hand. Passionate and lively on-topic debate and disagreement is welcomed and encouraged. Every post MUST contain information relevant to the product or service being discussed. Off-topic posts will be deleted, and repeated off-topic posting will lead to a ban. Got it?

In the time since this site came into existence, the need for a few basic rules has become apparent. They are general common sense that will help to make this site as helpful and easy to use as possible, and also assure that we do not run into problems.

Posters are allowed and encouraged to get down on other posters for not having RTFM prior to posting. Posters are encouraged to police the rules on each other. Posters are encouraged to gang up on someone when they act like an idiot.

  • DO NOTHave a discussion about cracks, hacks or any other illegal activity
  • DO NOTPost full text of news articles...please just post the first few paragraphs and a link to the full text
  • DO NOT copy and Paste what you've seen on other sites verbatim. You are, of course, free to post about your own knowledge regardless of how you came upon that knowledge, but please don't copy and paste what you've seen elsewhere into the site
  • DO attempt to control your use of foul language. I personally love foul language, but some people don't. I don't want to repel potential users who don't like that sort of thing. If the need arises, word censoring may become necessary.
  • DO NOT libel anyone or any company. Critical reviews are fine, retelling of stories critical of products or companies or services are fine, but they must be based in fact and those facts must be part of the review.
  • DO NOT post personal information about anyone ever. No matter who they are. Public information only.
  • DO NOT devolve into personal attacks unrelated to the discussion. "What you're doing is dumb," is fine. "You're dumb," is not
  • DO NOT post one word about politics. There is hardly a shortage of politically focused web sites. This isn't one of them.
  • DO NOT spam other users either in the forums or via Private Messages. If they need herbal viagra, they know where to go. Abuse of the privacy of others will not be tolerated at all
  • DO read the manuals and FAQs before posting. You risk wholesale mocking otherwise.
  • DO use all information you find here at your own risk
  • DO feel free to disagree, argue, fuss, etc. Most understanding comes from disagreement and challenge in some way

If you find information here that helps you screw up a piece of electronic equipment you own, we are not responsible. Use all information you find here at your own risk. Some people are idiots, and their advice stinks. You've been warned.

Opinions expressed here are not neccessarily the views of or me. They are the views of the individual poster who posted them. If something you post here ends up making some sort of law enforcement contact me asking a bunch of questions, you better be sure I will provide whatever information I have. It's probably in your best interest to make sure that doesn't happen.

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