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Some Enhancements

Hi, Everyone.

I added some enhancements to the site as far as what you can do within your posts.  You'll notice, when you go to make a new post or edit an existing post, some buttons above the "Message" text entry box.  These are formatting buttons for your post.  Besides the old Bold, Underline and Italic you can now size your text and color it.  There are also buttons to click when you want to add links or images to posts.

You can choose from the available "Smilies" by clicking the Smiling Yellow face. lol

You can embed video from YouTube, Google Video and a bunch of other services that I've never heard of by clicking the film-looking icon.  That's the real reason for the update.  I wanted to be able to embed YouTube stuff in posts.

The Quicktime, DiVX, WMV, Flash and MP3 embeds don't work yet, but I'm working on that.

There are also more options available on the second row for formatting your paragraphs, adding a horizontal line to your posts, Super and Sub script, text highlighting and formatting lists.

In general, when it comes to text formatting, you'll want to select the text you want to format and then click the appropriate button.

Unfortunately, this little package did not come with very detailed help files. Use of the "Preview" button is highly recommended.

Some Video services just require the video ID from the URL, some require a code from within the embedding coding. YouTube and Google seem to just want the Video ID.  For example, using today's most viewed YouTube video:

The url is:


So you would put



And it would show up like:

I'm going to be making some more changes around here to try and bring the site up to date a little bit.  There have been a lot of message board enhancements since Feb 2005 when we started this little experiment.

Comments are welcome.



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